Windstar's 28 Passenger VIP Sleeper Bus Rental

The Sleeper Charter Bus Rental Overview 

Windstar Lines' 28 Passenger VIP Sleeper Motorcoach is the ultimate sleeper bus rental. While in seating mode, this coach can accommodate up to 28 passengers. In less than 15 minutes, you can flip the bunks down from the ceiling and convert the couches and dinettes, giving you a total of 22 bunks, plus the rear couch. This type of coach is great for those who want to socialize on the way out and rest on the way home!

Sleeper charter buses are an excellent way to travel long distances with large groups. Your party of travelers can rest in luxury and eat with ease. Complete with a spacious restroom and individual climate-controlled seating arrangements, you can minimize the need for rest stops along the way. Windstar’s 28-passenger charter bus rentals are the perfect travel solution. Don’t waste time in crowded airports where your group can easily get split up and flight delays ruin travel plans. Instead, let the agents at Windstar help you book more affordable and comfortable accommodations.  

Features of the 28 Passenger Sleeper Charter Bus 

Whether you are looking for a quick shuttle or a long-term trip, Windstar Lines can give you an economical rate with more restful conditions. Small details can make all the difference when traveling. With Windstar, you not only get a clean and well-running vehicle but also the following features:

  • PA Systems
  • Roomy seats and plenty of leg room
  • Adjustable foot rests
  • Individual reading lights
  • Spacious restroom
  • Climate-controlled air conditioning & heating systems
  • Huge, clear-vision, tinted, picture windows
  • Weatherproof luggage compartments
  • Audio/Video equipment
  • WiFi included
  • DirecTV service
  • Trailer towing capacity (perfect for bands and sporting equipment)
  • Luggage bay dimensions (White VIP)
  • Luggage bay dimension (Black VIP)

This vehicle is available in select markets only.

Contact Windstar Lines Today!

If you’re not sure that the 28-passenger sleeper charter bus rental will accommodate your group, contact Windstar Lines today! Our knowledgeable representatives can easily access your situation and make accurate recommendations for the type of vehicle and how many you may need. We offer fair rates and quality bus rentals to help explorers like you arrive safely at their destinations.


28 Passenger VIP Sleeper Motorcoach Bus Interior
28 Passenger VIP Sleeper Motorcoach With Seats & Tables
28 Passenger VIP Sleeper Motorcoach With Leather Seats